Ending the Cycle of Homeless Cats and Kittens

if you love kittens please neuter

I support local animal rescues.  VOKRA is one of the responsible rescues for cats and kittens.

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) is dedicated to humanely reducing the number of homeless cats and kittens. These animals are victims of human neglect and abandonment.

“We are fortunate enough to live in a society that cares for its citizens and allows us all the right and access to basic needs such as food when we are hungry, and shelter when we are cold.  We have the privilege of the comfort and companionship of domesticated cats who too often end up abandoned, alone, and homeless without their basic needs in a hostile city environment ill-equipped and often unwilling to provide them.

“When it comes to stray cats who are or who have become fully accustomed to life outside, the “catch and euthanize” mentality of controlling their numbers is both ineffective and inhumane.  When it comes to mother cats, often one of two things happen in that scenario; either only the kittens end up being found, leaving the stray mother to get pregnant yet again or the mother is found and needlessly euthanized, leaving tiny kittens to die of starvation or attack from predators.

Trap, Neuter and Release/Return (TNR) is a complete program in which stray and feral  cats living outdoors (as well as their kittens if there are any) are humanely trapped, medically evaluated, sterilized.  If after thorough evaluation and efforts they are deemed not adoptable they are then returned to a safe environment. VOKRA locates the stray and feral cat colonies by calls received from the public, local SPCAs, and municipal animal control organizations.

Of the over 1400 cats and kittens saved each year most are sociable and able to be adopted into homes. VOKRA’s goal for the un-socialized and unadoptable feral and stray cats is to trap, spay or neuter, and return 400 cats annually, a goal we were unable to reach last year due to a lack of funds. The TNR program has seen the number of homeless cat colonies in Vancouver reduce over the past ten years and the continuation of this program is essential. Thanks to our efforts over the past ten years, particularly in certain areas of Vancouver, new cat colonies are not springing up. We know this program works. However, many other areas in the Lower Mainland need our attention. VOKRA and other BC shelters have experienced a significant increase in the intake of kittens over the past year, a clear indication of the importance and necessity of our TNR program.”

Please support VOKRA.   : http://www.orphankittenrescue.com/donate


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