Owner Stays Calm and Saves Puppy’s Life with CPR

A bee stung a 7 months old puppy and 20-year-old Emma Harris performed life-saving CPR to save the dog’s life. Way to go Emma!!

I realized that knowing pet first aid is very important to pet owners.



Lola and her savior Emma


Source: Life With Dogs

Pet First Aid Course for Dogs and Cats: Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid



Blind Rescue Dog Gets New Home

Did you remember Tessa the blind dog?  Tessa has been adopted!! Yay!!!

Earlier this year, Tessa, a little dog who was blind and unable to walk, made headlines with the remarkable transformation she made after she was rescued from a shelter in California. A video made by the Bill Foundation detailing her story went viral, and many have watched for more than three months, hoping the group would be able to find the right home for Tessa.

Well, we have good news to share. This weekend, Tessa kicked off the summer by officially moving in with her new family. She spent several weeks “dating” the family to make sure they were a good fit. She was slowly integrated into the home with the retired couple, who had past experience in caring for a special needs dog, and had to other dogs to keep Tessa company. “She’s already learned to navigate the living room and kitchen like a champ and has proven to once again be the toy thief amongst her siblings!” said the Bill Foundation’s Annie Hart on Facebook. – Read it at Adopt a Pet



I am so happy for you Tessa… ♥


Source: Yahoo Shine

Royal Canin Recall: Mats For Dogs And Cats Recalled Due To Health Risk

“This recall involves Royal Canin branded heating/cooling mats for dogs and cats. The mats consist of a plastic sheet made of nine gel pockets and an outer, removable red fabric cover with the Royal Canin logo on one corner.”


Source: Truth about Pet Food

Meet SPCA “Long Timer” Maria

Maria is looking for a forever home. Meet Maria! She is a lovely dog! 🙂

“I ♥ My Rescue Cat” bag for great cause!

I recently bought my second bag from PetitsPawz in Montreal. I can’t wait to show off this bag… hehe.

PetitsPawz mission is to help reduce these numbers one cat at a time, while providing a forever, loving home for every cat that is in their care.



Lala is checking on my new bag… 🙂



This black “Keep Calm and Purr On” bag is my first bag from them. Many people asked me where did I buy the bag. 🙂   So popular!!


PetitsPawz Facebook page >> https://www.facebook.com/PetitsPawz?fref=ts

Devastating Tornadoes. Help Animals Now!

Pets that escaped the storm in Oklahoma and are roaming in the aftermath will find their way to shelters. These shelters will do their utmost to care for and reunite the pets with their owners. Rescue groups also need help coordinating food and care for the animals affected by the storm.

You can help fund emergency assistance for animals affected by these terrible storms.


DONATE NOW: www.shop2give.us/Help-OK-Animals



Source: The Animal Rescue Site

Abandoned kittens need our help!

Tenth Life saves stray cats & kittens in the St. Louis area, prioritizing those with special needs. Now they need our help for poor abandoned kittens they rescued.



It was around this time last year that we received the disturbing call from someone who had found 5 tiny kittens inside two plastic bags, in a dumpster. (http://bit.ly/18aIPPj)

Imagine our surprise and heartbreak when we received a very similar call last weekend, the day before Mother’s Day. Someone noticed that a plastic bag in a grocery cart outside of a big-box store kept undulating, long after the wind stopped blowing it around. Upon investigation, they found six tiny kittens fighting for their lives inside the bag.
Sadly, it was too late for one of the babies. But these five darlings made it into our loving care just in time for us to start them on the long path to recovery.

The night of the kittens’ rescue, little Elsie’s health plummeted. Her body temperature and blood sugar hit alarming lows. She was rushed to the ER where, over the course of 24 hours, she was stabilized. Now, she eats like a champ and has plenty of energy.

Gus, Karen, and Bianca are doing well overall, but the prognosis for Bianca & Karen’s affected eyes is unknown at this time.

Sweet little Lars has quite an uphill battle ahead. Though his general health is stable and his appetite is voracious, his badly infected eyes are clearly in need of intensive care. He is on the strongest, yet safest, medication we can provide for him, and our veterinarians are watching his progress closely.

Please consider helping us cover the costs of their medical care, as these babies work to recover from the trauma they have suffered.
You can donate here: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-the-shopping-cart-kitties-/60693

Can’t afford to give? Please SHARE their story. We want to put an end to cruelty and neglect like they have endured.


Tenth Life

Website: http://www.tenthlifecats.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tenthlifecats