Missing Cat Reunited With Owners 13 Years Later

(KNSD) On Thursday, a San Diego couple was reunited with their long lost cat.

lonnies 3

In Bandit’s case, what happens in Vegas, really does stay in vegas.

He went missing back in 2000 when the Corsos lived northwest of The Strip.

But, 13 years later in a new city, on a night they’ve since marked on the calendar, the phone rang with quite a surprise.

“They called tuesday night, I answered the phone, they said ‘Hi are you missing Bandit?’ ‘Bandit… who is this?” said Dante Corso, Bandit’s owner.

The vet ran Bandit’s microchip after he was turned in by a man who traps feral cats.

The Corsos drove out first thing the following morning.

At 15 years old, Bandit is still trying to navigate his new surroundings.

But, at least he’s not alone.

When the Corso’s adopted him, they also took his little brother, Coot.

Now it’s a family reunion.

“I think his brother is a little upset because he said ‘you’re finally back where have you been?'” said Corso.

He’s the prodigal kitty, finally home after all these years.

— Steven Luke reports


Source: NEWS3


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