New Westminster, BC, Canada one step closer to repealing BSL

Great news! Let’s keep those fingers crossed!


Bless the Bullys

In the summer of 2012, animal welfare advocates and residents of New Westminster, BC, Canada asked the city council to repeal the breed specific language in the city’s animal control bylaw.  The current bylaw, last updated in 2005, automatically deems several breeds as “vicious,” and places restrictions on their owners.   Advocates have continued to work with city officials toward repeal since that time, and it looks like their efforts may soon be paying off!

On Monday, May 13, 2013, the New Westminster city council reviewed a proposed change to its animal control bylaw which would eliminate the current vicious breed list and its restrictions.

According to New Westminster animal services officer Sukh Meghara who drafted the new proposal, the city council has been very supportive of the change.  In his opinion, the current bylaw is inconsistent because all types of dogs become aggressive under stress.  He went on to say, “Once you…

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2 thoughts on “New Westminster, BC, Canada one step closer to repealing BSL

  1. Hi!
    That is a great change for animals especially for dogs of all kinds. There is more freedom for the dogs & more responsibility for owners so they need to take care of their dogs more. This will get owners to become aware more of what their animals do so these animals are well taken care of & can feel safer, too. Keep them away from fighting & more evil stuff!

  2. Yes, I agree with you. I’m so glad to hear this great news of a transition in people’s views on pit bulls. The responsibility should solely rest on the dog owner, not the dog. 🙂

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