Blind Rescue Dog Gets New Home

Did you remember Tessa the blind dog?  Tessa has been adopted!! Yay!!!

Earlier this year, Tessa, a little dog who was blind and unable to walk, made headlines with the remarkable transformation she made after she was rescued from a shelter in California. A video made by the Bill Foundation detailing her story went viral, and many have watched for more than three months, hoping the group would be able to find the right home for Tessa.

Well, we have good news to share. This weekend, Tessa kicked off the summer by officially moving in with her new family. She spent several weeks “dating” the family to make sure they were a good fit. She was slowly integrated into the home with the retired couple, who had past experience in caring for a special needs dog, and had to other dogs to keep Tessa company. “She’s already learned to navigate the living room and kitchen like a champ and has proven to once again be the toy thief amongst her siblings!” said the Bill Foundation’s Annie Hart on Facebook. – Read it at Adopt a Pet



I am so happy for you Tessa… ♥


Source: Yahoo Shine


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