Happy Birthday Schoep!

Schoep and his owner John celebrated Schoep’s 20 years old birthday.


The arthritic dog whose owner was pictured lulling him through the pain in a lake reached the incredible age of 20 in spite of his illness.

Owner John Unger posted a new photo of the German shepherd chowing down on a festive birthday cake in celebration.

The story of loyal dog Shoep became an international sensati



Happy Birthday Schoep… 🙂


Source: Mail Online News


Sleepy Monday… ♥ Baby Duck Can’t Stay Awake

Watch this cute video. 🙂

Massaging a cat…

Look at her feet! sooo cute!!  🙂



CAT BREAK: Does My Hair Look OK?

This cat looks like Lala’s twin sister… so cute.. 🙂

The Sidereal Daily Mentioner

I love tuxedo cats. I had one when I was a lad. This creature has figured out about the bathroom mirror and, as is true of so many cats, finds herself fascinated and entranced by it.

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Cute Baby Pit Bulls…♥




Kitten Meets Hedgehog

Loki the Kitty Meets Harley the Hedgehog! Watch the cutest little pair become best friends!