Loonies for Paws Fundraising

Loonies for Paws Fundraising reached $86 today!

Thanks to all donors who cares about animals in need.

 I will continue to raise funds and Lala will keep helping me.



cards for fundraising $4 each
cards for fundraising
$4 each

Lala’s watercolor portrait

My good friend and talented artist Unky draw this beautiful watercolor portrait of Lala.





She also draw this for my friend and her dog Banana.




Thank you Unky for these beautiful portraits. I will treasure this.

Happpy 3 years Anniversary!

I adopted Lala from my friend 3 years ago.

July 29 was our 3 years anniversary so I bought him a new big cage and set it on the balcony.

Lala has his own catio now!


3 years anniversary


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Lala The Swan

My dear friend Kyra from The East wind made this cute digital stamp called  “Lala The Swan” for me.

So I decided to make a card using this very cute digital stamp of Lala.

Kyra is not only a great artist , but also a huge cat lover.

She donates 15% of profit on cat section from her etsy shop to VOKRA – Vancour Orphan Kitten Rescue Association!

Thank you Kyra for VOKRA and helping homeless cats and kittens!

Please go to her Facebook page and you will find lots of beautiful digital stamps. 🙂



Fundraising for VOKRA – Paw Print Embossed Gift Tags

Thank you for supporting my cause at Loonies for Paws

95% sales from cards, tags etc. will be donated to VOKRA – Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (5% goes to material cost)

All items made with love and on my own time. This is what I do for a living: http://vancouverjapaneselesson.wordpress.com/

You could also directly donate to VOKRA here. http://www.orphankittenrescue.com/

If you want to buy these gift tags and support VOKRA, please email me at tutorjapanese2000@yahoo.co.jp with the subject line ‘Loonies for Paws’ and let me know you would like to order 1 or more sets.

Thank you for looking.




This is a set of 5 paw print embossed gift tags with “Just For You From…” sentiment. $2.50 for 5 gift tags

This is a set of 5 paw print embossed gift tags with “Just For You From…” sentiment.
$2.50 for 5 gift tags