Happy Birthday Kenny Pawgers!

Kenny Pawgers was rescued by Maria Soroski from VOKRA – Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association in British Columbia, Canada in August 30, 2011.

He passed gently away surrounded by Maria, his rescuer and his loving mom in May 2, 2013

Kenny was the most amazing cat i have ever known.

He inspired me and made me decide to start “Loonies for Paws”.

Since August 31 is Kenny’s birthday, I have been trying to raise funds for VOKRA in honor of Kenny Pawgers and I raised $100 by selling my crafts!

I donated the money to VOKRA for my beloved Kenny Pawgers birthday gift.

I want to say thank you to all the people who helped my cause for VOKRA.


Thank you

Maki and Lala




Kenny’s rescue story: http://www.orphankittenrescue.com/blogs/2011/10/article291/

Message from Kenny’s mom, Maria.

Kenny Pawgers Was he really real? or was he an angel sent here to give us all a message? Sometimes i wonder. From the time i found him in that back lane drinking out of a dirty puddle august 30 2o11. and he ran and jumped in my arms. He survived two weeks later a surgery to remove a golf ball sized tumor from his stomach and then lymphoma that should have killed him in three months. He was never an ordinary cat. He never acted like a cat but rather a wise old soul, He spent every waking minute showing deep sincere affection, He would melt into everyones arms and purr and stare into your eyes soo deeply telling you LOVE is the answer. he did not discern, He gave kisses to everyone he met, The other cats had sincere respect for him. He cuddled and was tolerant to them even jumping on him. Every scared or sick cat that was staying in my laundry room kennels had kenny laying beside them at night, even the feral cats in traps waiting to go be fixed at the vet the next day, kenny would sleep beside them. People all over the world have been touched by kennys wisdom and acts of kindness, I truely believe kenny was sent here for all of us to learn Compassion and love for others and to know there is joy in sadness, He was allways happy, no matter the past allmost two years of living with lymphoma. He was truley a Miracle.. I have never in my life seen such a cat. well maybe? He wasnt a cat. Perhaps he was sent here for a reason.

Please make a donation to VOKRA from HERE


Happy Independence Day!

For my furrends in the USA.  Safe and Happy 4th of July! - Lala

For my furrends in the USA.
Safe and Happy 4th of July!
– Maki & Lala




Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.



Beautiful black cat Mia and her dad, Adam.
Mia was rescued by Action for Animals in Distress Society.

Action for Animals in Distress Society: http://actionforanimals.net/index.shtml